Hi, I’m Jim.


My Mission…

…is to make organ meats a British staple like they were back in the good ole days.


• They are the most naturally nutritious foods available – on the planet.
• They’re cheap!
• And frankly, they’re offaly delicious if treated with a little love and care.

You see, offal is essentially Mother Nature’s ultimate multivitamin.

Let me put it this way; everyone knows you should eat plenty of fruit and vegetables to ensure you get all your vitamins and nutrients for optimal health, right?

But, did you know that meat, and especially organ meats, provide much more goodness pound for pound?

Plus, this goodness is more bio-available from meats, meaning that our bodies are more efficient at extracting all those essential vitamins and minerals from animal products than from plant-based products.

So, why did this traditional staple fizzle out never to be seen on a British plate again?

To be honest, I don’t know…

…but, I’m determined to get it back onto our plates and into our bellies for a healthier Britain!


About Me

Achieving optimal health through nutrition has interested me for many years.

I believe that if you feed your body the right food – food that we’re supposed to eat, that we’re designed by mother nature to eat – it’ll repay you by giving you a strong, robust body and brain.

When your body’s in optimal condition it can:
• Fight off most common colds and viruses with ease.
• Massively reduce your risk of metabolic diseases.
• Allow your brain to perform at its peak potential.
• Make you feel amazing physically and mentally.


“This is Your Life Now”

For many years I suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with symptoms such as tiredness, muscle fatigue, memory loss.

I couldn’t recall simple words in conversations… very embarrassing.

Eventually, I started getting crippling anxiety and depression. Simply put, I was not enjoying life, I was seriously struggling.

Doctors couldn’t figure it out, all the tests came back normal – so they told me ‘this is your life now’.

That was a scary thought, I didn’t know how long I could keep functioning normally and providing for my family – I felt I was slipping downhill fast.


Could it be Diet?

At the time I was generally eating in line with the ‘Public Health England’ Eatwell Guide. Plenty of healthy whole grains, fruit and veg, using vegetable oils and spreads and limiting my saturated fat intake.

Up until around 2016 I hadn’t considered that my diet could be playing a role in my health issues. Why would I?

But, when I cut bread, pasta and gluten from my diet, things started to improve.

My tiredness vanished and anxiety & depression started lifting – so I dug deeper.

That’s when I discovered that eating natural, unprocessed foods, foods designed by Mother Nature, my body started to purr like a Mustang. I can’t stress this enough; no medication required, no counselling sessions, just good honest food.


Who Do We Think We Are?

So, think about it. Put everything that’s been rammed into your skull about diet to one side and look at the facts.

What would we have eaten before we had 24 hour Tesco stores down the road, back when we had to hunt and gather for our food?

Most certainly animals, as well as some seasonal fruit and vegetables. It’s unlikely that grains would’ve featured heavily in our diets beyond 10,000 years ago.

Whatever it was, the diet we humans evolved on would’ve been much different to what we shove in our gobs today.

So, who do we think we are, questioning Mother Nature?

It was only when I started listening to Mother Nature, eating natural foods, foods that our bodies are designed to eat, that my health improved and I started enjoying life again, experiencing happiness I can only remember having as a kid.

I could call it magic, but the truth is, it’s not! It’s so simple and accessible, better than any pill.

So, let Mother Nature look after you, nurture you, she’s got many millennia of experience, far more than any human.

And, if there’s one natural food that gives you the most boom for your pennies, it’s the mighty offal… Mother Nature’s Superfood

And that’s why I started this blog.


Have a nutritious day!


Just a reminder that I’m no doctor, dietitian or any other profession for that matter. I’m simply a bearer of information for you to do what you want with; question it, research it, erase it from your mind, you are in charge of you.